We are all longing to be pure as the spotless whiteness . Though purity only stems from the deep soul , and it will overshadow the darkness with a silver silhouette which is glittering as our collective foremost energy . Dancing is a pilgrimage for eternity.

  • 2018 White Monk Release Party

    Jerusalem, Israel

    with Kepler452b art & music festival

    date: August. 31st. 2018


    DAVEN ZANG 品牌创始人,上海元蕴艺术设计中心创始人,多媒体及绘画艺术家,柏林KEPLBER452b艺术电音节主办人之 一与签约艺术家。


    The founder of party dress brand "Daven Zang",the founder of Shanghai YuanYun Art & Design Center, artist of multiple-media and painting, collaborated artist of Berlin Kepler452b Art & Music Festival.